Providing athletes with tools and techniques to overcome Mental barriers and take their game to the next level

There are only 3 things any athlete can train. Physical, Technical, and Mental. You spend hours running sprints and lifting weights to ensure you are game fit. You drive distances and join the best clubs to make sure you are technically and tactically sound.   All coaches do the mental game lip service saying things like “we have to be mentally tough, focus, get zeroed in.” However these concepts must be trained to be properly developed. Just like any other muscle and skill, the Mental Game can be strengthened and learned with exercises and techniques.

My name is Itzik Rapaport and I am the Mental Coach Pro. Over my years of playing at the highest competitive levels available to me, I have seen and been challenged with every possible obstacle a player can face. My journey as a Division 1 athlete consists of playing Soccer at the University of New Mexico. As a nationally recognized scholarship recruited player I started every game my freshman year as we made the NCAA National Tournament. What was a very promising situation for me, quickly turned and I found myself outside the lineup, forced to deal with what seemed at the time as the worst possible thing that can happen.

My passion to help young athletes was cultivated from my inability to help myself as a youth player trying to get to the next level. I have since then studied athletes performance mental training and mastered how to deliver the mental skills necessary for consistent peak performances . I have worked with HS players, youth national players, and professional athletes to overcome many common barriers faced by athletes. The key factor in getting what you want to get out of your sport, and your performance, lies entirely in your thought process, mental preparation, outlook, and mental skills.

Mental Coach Pro Sessions Cover

♦ Performance Anxiety
♦ Self Awareness
♦ Confidence
♦ Motivation
♦ Goal Setting
♦ Coach Conflict
♦ Parental Pressures
♦ Uncontrollables
♦ Lifestyle Choices
♦ Focus and Concentration
♦ Self Expression
♦ Team Dynamics
♦ Visualization
♦ Pre Game Preparation

You put in so much time and effort all week preparing for the weekend, don’t show up game time hoping it all works out for you. Take control of your performance.
All of this can be taught through our Mental Coach Pro Program. Take your game to the next level. Contact me for a Free Consultation.

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